Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sorry no update on the Chinese GP. I will have that on Sunday, as I haven't actually seen the race yet. my partner in crime for F1 was away, so I have the race ready to go, but I won't see him again till the weekend.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Malyasian GP

Qualifying yesterday was a bit of a trick. Torrential downpours really dampened (hehehe) things. It also left the grid in a bit of a sorry state. The RedBulls dominated qualifying, while the Ferraris and McLarens were left puzzled about what happened... they were at the back of the grid.

On to the race. Webber and Vettel duked it out to see who would lead (webber had pole). Vettel lead the race after taking the top spot from Webber in the first few corners. He FINALLY had some luck with reliability. The main focus of the race was the McLarens and Ferraris and their struggle for points, and places as they started from the back of the grid.

There were 7 retirements (should have been 9). One of the Lotus' had suspension failure, but until it totally blew up he had to stay on the track (failed with about 5 laps left). Lotus just wanted one of their cars to finish. He ended up lapping in the 2 minute mark, with all the other cars lapping in the 1:30's. The other problem was with Virgin Racing's fuel tank. It just osn't big enough. It doesn't carry enough fuel for the whole race, so he was told to conserve fuel for about the last 10 laps, and was lapping in the 1:50's. They both finished, but so many laps down.

There were no terrific crashes or anything this week, lots of passing, and it was really exciting. Congrats to Vettel (redbull) (1), Webber (2) (redbull), and Rosberg (mercedes) (3, first podium ever... did better than his teammate who had engine failure). Button and Hamilton fought their way through from the back of the grid and placed 8 and 6 respectively, and Massa ended up 7th, Alonso didn't finish.

Schumacher seems to still have a big presence on the track, but really he is driving like a backmarker. He just doesn't have the pace that he used to. Then again much has changed in the 3 years since he retired.