Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vettel and the Championship

In the media lately, I have seen a lot of people saying that there is no reason to watch the rest of the season, as Vettel has already won. I find this to be highly rude and offensive. Yes Vettel is having a great season, but how many journalists would be complaining if Hamilton or Button was doing that well?

I am brought back to a simpler time, a less internet-oriented time when there was a small team called Ferrari, and a driver known as Schumacher who dominated every race in many seasons. I don't remember the same amount of outrage with that, then again, social neworking wasn't king back then, not did my local paper care about F1. In other words I didn't have as much access to the sport that I do now. The points system was also very different, none of this 25 point crap (which I hate), back when a win only gave you 10 points, so there was more of a chance and a fight, instead of someone having a few good races and running away with it.

I think that those who are complaining about Vettel winning need to think back, and remember when Red Bull rarely finished a race, let alone got in the points. I usually like the little guy, but I don't agree with team orders, regardless of what the regulations say. So I am not as much of a red Bull fan as I used to be, but Vettel is a lot more of a show man that Schumacher was in his heyday. He would calmly get out of the car, and walk to the podium, and at least Vettel bounces. You can tell really how young he is at the end of the races, with the radio transmissions. That makes it fun for me. Perhaps I will get as sick of him as I was of Schumacher, but now I still find myself cheering for both of them, as they are both amazing drivers.

I just wish that the cameras would focus less on Hamilton, and more on the rest of the drivers, there has to be more going on than just him....