Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Button to McLaren

I'm going to be short and sweet about this one, Mercedes bought out the Brawn GP team, and seem intent on turning it into some sort of Super German team (much like USF1, who claim to only want to employ American drivers), McLaren seem to be trying to do the same thing with the Brits.

I think that we may be seeing a repeat of the scraps between Alonso and Hamilton the year that they shared the team.

I just hope that McLaren give both drivers an equal chance, as Button doesn't do well as second, and Hamilton never has had to. It could lead to an interesting season of scraps.

Raikkonnen has "elected" to take next year off from F1, being unable to get a seat with the team that he wanted to (Button took his spot).

I am so not happy about this one. My two favourite drivers going to teams that I dislike, this really sucks

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