Thursday, March 4, 2010

7 days till Baharain

The FIA has confirmed that there will be 12 teams taking part in the 2010 Championship. Heh. The USF1 team didn't even make it to the starting grid. The brainchild of Ken Anderson and Peter windsor of having a completely US F1 team hasn't made it. Their plan was to have an american designed car, built in the states (with a cogsworth engine), and 2 american drivers. As the break progressed they signed an Argentinian driver, and no teammate. They plan on trying again in a few years once they get their factory set up.

With the grid in it's current state of disarray, I have no idea what will happen. You have a team that has been together forever (mclaren and mercedes) having split apart, and reformed into 2 teams, Renault who are dying to prove that they are still good after last year's crashgate incident, and Button and Hamilton (two world champions) duking it out at McLaren. So there is team Germand VS Team Britain, and 10 other teams who all want a taste of the podium this year.

I need a new team to cheer for. Raikkonnen (World Rally Championship, not even F1 this year) who races for Ferrari last year, so I couldn't cheer for him, Alonso went to Ferrari this year, so I can't cheer for him. Rosberg is Schumacher's teammate, can't cheer for Mercedes, Button is Hamilton's teammate, and I hate to see him win. Renault, my former love now has 2 drivers that I don't know. However I have until June to see who I will be cheering for at the GP in Montreal.

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