Sunday, March 28, 2010

Australian GP

Much better race this time. As opposed to the no refueling rule as I was, it does make for an interesting race. I think Hamilton's little temper tantrum in the closing laps may just have cemented him in the #2 (hehehe #2) spot in the team behind Button. He seems to forget that while he may have been in the team longer, that Button has more F1 experience, and that is shining through.

Back to the race. It was an exciting/terrifying first few corners, with much drama. Alonso wound up pointing in the wrong direction for a bit, and due to that, he was dead last for a bit, but he fought back well, and wound up getting a few points. Vettel was plagued with unreliability from Red Bull again (he is such a promising driver, he just needs a more reliable team). Schumacher had a little shunt with Button and Alonso, and had to pit just as the safety car went out (at the beginning of the race), and wound up in 10th.

Button proved why he is the reigning world champion taking a gamble about 10 laps into the race, and switching from wet tyres to intermediates about 2 laps before anyone else. He had a dicy out lap, but held it together, and because he is easy on his tyres didn't have to stop again, and finished in first (after Vettel's brake failure). Kubica (renault) came out of nowhere to take second fending off the charge from Massa'a Ferrari. Massa came in third.

Overall it was a much more exciting race, proving that the first GP was more of a testing session than an actual race.

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