Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bahrain GP

What can I say?

There was drama, new pit stop rules, and no horrific crashes. It was a fairly clean race, less overtaking than I would have expected. Then again, with no fuel stops the cars are almost too heavy to have any stops.

F1 seems to be trying to turn itself into an enduro race now. Engines have to last 3 races, and gearboxes 2. I realize that this is to try and cut costs, but doing that and then not letting the cars refuel is going to cost more than to just cut the number of engines.

Anyway, Vettel was doing so well for the first 2/3rds of the race, then he was cursed with a broken exhaust. He did really well after it broke, only giving up 3 places. However those 3 places were to 2 ferraris and a McLaren. I should be pleased that the ferraris did so well, as I really like the drivers, but I'm just not. The less said about the mcLarens the better.

Lotus was the best of the new teams, with both cars finishing, and they should be very proud of that. Neither of the Virgin Racing cars finished, nor the HRT (campos) cars did. They are also be best looking cars of the bunch.

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