Sunday, August 28, 2011

DRS, Gravel Traps and Refueling

While I think that DRS should be available all the time, and not just in certain straights, bring back some of the penalties that used to be there too... take away the runoff areas, and bring back gravel traps. If you are going to have drivers wait until the last second to close their wings, and run wide, punish them for it...

I liked seeing the cars fight through the gravel traps, sure sometimes they bottomed out, but sometimes they managed to get back out again. F1 did get boring when there was no overtaking, but with the KERS and the DRS to encourage it, bring back some of the things to punish the drivers if they do run wide... keep the on the track, and punish them for sailing wide. It would make the race more interesting, especially with KERS and DRS, as well as the tyre degradation.

Of course I would like to see how refueling (low fuel cars) would go on the Pirellis. It would add a whole new level of strategy, because you wouldn't want your tyres to fall off the cliff before you are ready for petrol and vice versa. It would also take away some of the stress on the mechanics. Where pit times are so watched now, and a 4 second tyre change is considered slow, it would calm them down a bit to go back to the 7-8 second stops. There would also likely be fewer errors with wheel nuts... how many have we seen go flying this year because they don't go on right? That is a HUGE safety concern.

With all the technology in the cars it seems stupid to bog them down with 150 kilos of fuel, when the racing would be better all around if they went back to low-fuel runs... Especially with the engine changes in the next few years... the "Pinnacle" of motorsport running on less that a V8 is just silly, you may as well be watching sedan racing.

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