Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Senna and Heidfeld

So it is official... Bruno Senna will be replacing Nick Heidfeld for the rest of the season. Renault just felt that he wasn't performing up to their standards.

I feel badly for both drivers, because Nick is being let go in the middle of the season, and consequently will be left out of the rest of the races (duh), and that I do believe that he IS a good driver. He is also a very experienced driver, so hopefully his ego will allow him to be picked up by a lesser team, so he can help them out... Look at Kovalinen and Trulli at Team Lotus. Their expertise gives the team quite a competitive edge over the other young teams.

Senna is being ripped off because even if he does well in the resy of the races for the rest of the season, points wise he will always be the "second driver" to Petrov. This may be what the team wants, to get a "young team" started, to give them a chance to season both of the drivers...

Depending on the type of contract that Lotus Renault offers, it may spell the end of a career for Robert Kubica too, while he is out for this season, but he seemed to be looking into coming back next season, if he gets cleared medically.

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