Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sky TV and the BBC

I know that this is coming up about 3 weeks too late, but whatever.

I think that the Brits being all up in arms about the fact that they might actually have to PAY to see F1 is kind of funny. You see when F1 moved from ITV to the BBC, we Canadians lost our F1 pre-show. We get a grid lineup now, and that is all. Really TSN (which we pay about $20 a month for) only shows Quali, and the race. That is about 3 hours of F1 every race weekend. Yes, it is the BBC coverage, but still.... Otherwise we have to upgrade to another sports pack for another $10 for AMERICAN F1 coverage... the announcers are trying to present the race to people who don't even know what a CAR is....

Yes, it is a shame that Bernie let the commercial rights be split, but at the Fan Forum, Whitmarsh did hint at that happening. He did mention that it was a shame that the rights were so locked down. Then again one of the Ferrari execs discussed being at a NASCAR event, and the spectacle that it was...

I am concerned about the quality of commentary as much as anyone else, but at the same time, I have been paying to watch F1 for as long as I can remember. Not that there is a chance I get to watch it in bars here, or anything else. My drink of choice when I'm watching is usually tea or water, with a large bowl of cereal. Damn 9am races... but at the same time I like it that way.

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