Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abu Dhabi

With Button and Brawn wrapping up the championship last week, one might think that the season is over, but there is one more race. This promises to be a really interesting race, as none of the drivers have ever been on this circuit. It may really show what they are all made of.

I don't love many of the new circuits, because they are all engineered on computers, and meant to be challenging, I miss the old tracks (Montreal, Nurbergring, even Monaco) that go more with the geography of the land moreso than the new ones (China, Singapore, Turkey, Bahrain). However it is a dedicated track, and that gives it points in my book, I am not a fan of the street tracks (even though I mentioned Monaco, but that is such an epic race, it needs to me mentioned)

However, there is still a week wait before anything happens. Can't wait, then the updates will probably slow down a bit, because all the drivers and teams will disappear back to their factories and plan for next season.

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