Monday, October 12, 2009


elippe Massa (Ferrari) did his first bit of testing in a spec car today, first time back in an F1 car since his accident!!  He won't be back for the final races this season, but is hoping to be in good enough shape to be back for the first race next season.  Due to the testing ban, he is a 2007 Ferrari spec car.  Apparently they sell them, and he is currently in a privately owned one.  How cool would it be to OWN a F1 car... I have a new dream... It can live with the MGB, the Caterham, the Matrix, and whatever else I drive.  Of the three listed, I own one.  (I;ll be the chick living in a little run down house, with a 10 car garage in pristine shape)

Timo Glock (Toyota) on the other hand, had an accident in qualifying in Japan, and acquired a huge cut on his leg.  It was enough to keep him from racing, but he had promised to be back next race... This didntt happen, he was later complaining about back pain, and was taken in for more x-rays, and he fractured a vertebra.  He's out probably for the rest of the season.

More testament to all the safety features that are in the F1 cars.  It really is amazing that people can have such huge crashes and just walk away from them, or just to sustain very minor injuries.

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