Thursday, October 8, 2009


 Well, the title pretty much says it all,  Kubica is taking Alonso's spot in Renault when he goes to Ferrari at the end of the season.  Kubica is a really talented driver who is probably best known for an enormous crash in Montreal in 2007.  That wasn't the year I was there, but you can see the bleachers where Dad and I were during the race.  He also came back to race in Montreal in 2008 and won it (the ONE f1 race that I attended live).

I've started looking for a new place to put all my F1 stuff.  Still looking for a name for the blog.  Any suggestions?

The one reccomendation that I have is from a friend of mine and it is: Sparkplugs and Bigjugs: Trish's guide to F1.  (I love it, but it isn't much good as a blog name, just the title)

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