Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mosley's Done Tomorrow!!

The reign of the current president of the FIA is just about done. Mosley has had a very colourful career in his 16 year reign of the FIA.

While there are many negative things that I can say about him (and certainly have in the past), I will focus this time on what he did that was right. He brought in major safety reforms since he started, some of which was met with a lot of criticism, but had it not been for his reforms that he fought for, F1, and motorsport in general would be a lot more fatal.

This year he has been in the press a lot with the sweeping reforms that he tried to push on F1, which almost destroyed the sport, but it did open up the sport up to a few new teams, but at the same time, it did do in some of the exclusivity. 26 car grids, who would have thought that they would have seen the day.

Hopefully the next president is as good as he was, much as it pains me to admit it.

The election is tomorrow.

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