Monday, October 5, 2009

Suzuka Race (Japan GP)

Twas an intense race (as they usually are, moreso at the end of the season). Vettel started on pole, and lead the entire race, that boy could do no wrong yesterday, which mean that Brawn is going to have to start doing a lot better than they have been lately. Due to grid penalties, Barachello started 6th (his qualified spot), and Button in 10th (knocked down 5 places due to speeding past a yellow flag).

This did not bode well for Button to clinch the championship this race, as in order to do so he had to get 5 more points than Barachello. (I'lll tell you right now, it didn't happen). However there was lots of excitement in this race anyway. Webber who was 4th in the championship, totaled his car in practise, so it had to be rebuilt, and due to this had to start from the pit lane (a huge disadvantage, as you miss the warmup lap, as well as making sure that you are totally dead last because you can't start until the last car has passed by the exit. He had a terrible race, and ended 2 laps down due to issues with his (rebuilt) car.

The race was fairly uneventful, there were some minor electrical malfunctions, and a few other small touches, but with 8 laps left Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) had an run in with a sign and a tire barrier (not the worst accident I've seen, not by a long shot). Anyway, this brought the Safety Car out (bunches all the cars up, and slows them down to give crews time to clear the debris). It went back in with 5 laps to go, and then there was a quick sprint to the finish. Vettel was still leading at that point, and got very lucky having just passed a back marker (Grosjean, Renault), and he was blocking Trulli (Toyota) in second place, which meant that even if he had a terrible restart, he still had a chance to win it because Trulli had to lap Grosjean before he could go after Vettel.

Brawn didn't get the Constructors Championship, they only scored 3 points (Barachello in 7th, 2 points, and Button in 8th, 1 point).

Vettel won, Trulli in second, and Hamilton in Third.

On to Brazil in 2 weeks!! IN a way I hope that the quest for the drivers title keeps going until the very end in Abu-Dhabi, as it builds the suspense, but in a way, I just want Button to take it already, he's been trying for it for so long, and he really is a good driver.

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