Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brazilian GP (Race)

Massa (Ferrari, out with head injury) was asked to wave the checkered flag. At least the stewards are letting him do something. Poor guy, he wasnted to be back for his home race.

First lap was AMAZING, there are 3 cars out, 2 major accidents, and the beginning of a brawl.

Kovalinen (mcLaren) jumped his pitstop, and ripped out his fuel rig spraying fuel into the pit lane. This is a huge mistake, and actually caused a huge fireball engulfing Raikkonnen's (Ferrari) car. that was more than a little scary.

Alonso (renault), Sutil (force India), and Trulli (Toyota) are all out. Trulli caused the accident, crashed into Sutil, and bounced into Alonso, Alonso never stood a chance to get out of the way. I'm a little bummed about that, it os one of the last two races that I will cheer for him.

Button is up to 7th place, due to the accidents, and some due to the fact that there were some inexperienced drivers ahead of him. Vettel (red bull) got a warning from his engineers that he had to baby his engine, it was starting to overheat in the parade lap. A good sign for Button, and he is still behind, even after all the drama.

Kovalinen (McLaren) is under investigation for the pit lane for the "optional extra" of driving off with his fuel rig still attached. Button up to second, but hasn't pitted yet.... Barachello is behind him in third.

Holy drama, this is an insane race. Heidfeld (BMW)'s fuel rig malfunctioned, and he ran out of gas on the track. Poor guy, there is no way to tell if the rigs are working or now. Rosberg (Williams) is out with gearbox problems, and Nakajima (Williams) just crashed into the back of a car getting out of the pit lane, and ran down the rails, and crashed into the tyre wall.

No rain yet, and at the end of the first round of pit stops there has not been any drama for a little while.

Come on Button.... pick up the pace.... you are so damn close to winning the Championship, don't blow it now... This is brutal, statistically Button should win it this race, but the wait is killing me. Come on Button, have a good stop. In and out new tires, and fuel in 6 seconds... a little slow for a splash and dash. He is now WAY down in 7th being held up by Kovalinen. Vettel pitted after him, and got out ahead, in 5th.

Hamilon (mcLaren) is driving fairly well today, and seems to be benefitting from the KERS system on the hills. He just bumped Barachello off the podium. (boo). Barachello just got a puncture, and has to go in for new tires. Poor guy has no luck today. This puts Button to 5th, so even if Webber the race, Button wins the Championship!!

Weber wins the race, Kubica in second, and Hamilton in third in the race.

BUTTON WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP, and BRAWN took Constructors!!!! I'm so happy, he's been driving for 10 years, I remember his first race.. but all that is another time.
On a bittersweet note, this is the second to last race that I will cheer for Alonso, another one of my favourite driver, because after Abu Dhabi in two weeks, he goes to Ferrari.

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